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12. Ticketsystem

12. Ticketsystem

The ticket system is suitable for using a quick support or for general questions to be sent to the administrator. Therefore, being an user one opens a ticket (described in more detail in the following sections) and waits for the response by an administrator or the supporter. Should an issue be done, the user can respond again or ask a question. Internally, all have access (to have the ticket), which has defined the administrator or the necessary rights groups.

To avoid spam, the supporter has the opportunity to close a ticket, in order to prevent another response by the user.

12.1. What is a ticket?

Basically speaking, a ticket is a topic only to be presented and being visible to the administrator (usergroup rights). It includes a ticket for example for questions or suggestions. The administrator has the opportunity to add some issues. These can...

12.2. How do I start a ticket?

To prepare a ticket, you use the menu systems standard menu item called "Open tickets". There you have the opportunity to use the button "New ticket" by clicking onto it. The answer is chosen by a "drop-down" menu. Everything else is equal as in...

12.3. How do I know if my ticket has already been answered?

Once the ticket has been answered by the administrator, you will automatically receive an e-mail.

12.4. How do I reply to a ticket?

To reply to a ticket, you return within the menu on the menu item called "Tickets". There, all previously created tickets will be listed. The ticket that is to be answered, must be selected and opened. When this is done, you can click on "Reply". The...

12.5. What do I do if my ticket was closed, but I still have a question?

A ticket is only closed by default if a supporter is really "fed up". At this point you may consider whether a further response is appropriate and if it does not degenerate to more spam. If you have carefully contemplated this, you can either open a...

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